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My favourite saying is "never say never, always say maybe!"

Get the focus before moving the feet, and above all stay calm!

Confidence, Respect or Yielding to pressure. 

Take the horse that doesn’t load – Scared of enclosed spaces (confidence issue) or does he stand sleepy, not move his feet/ leaning on  lead rope (a respect and not yielding to pressure issue).

Is he napping away from the arena because he anticipates boring repetitious or hard work (probably not yielding to leg pressure and maybe a lack of respect but can you blame him?) or is he lacking confidence and wants to run back to his herd as you are not established yet as his herd leader?

Once we have a goal then we can map out a step by step plan tailored to the individual horse and rider capability, progressing with a positive attitude always putting the relationship first. Remember that when you get the want to, the can do will follow through!


Using a "figure of 8" rope to help with leading, keeping the foal safe and secure

Teaching a horse to yield to pressure can start as early as this - 2 day old foal!

Teaching a yearling to yield his shoulder and move out of Sarah's space