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My favourite saying is "never say never, always say maybe!"


Weanlings, through to Preparing a 3 year old for Backing

As the horse grows older, we want to be able to help him develop physically, mentally and emotionally.  We need to prepare him for situations that he is likely to come across  whether his future  be a hacking horse, child’s pony, hunter or a competition horse. 

Here is a general list of things I work on with every horse if possible but obviously there are many more things I may have to teach the horse to suit his or his owner’s unique situation. 
  • Catch easily or better yet, have the horse come to be caught
  • Be tied up to a wall or rail in quiet surroundings then gradually stepping up the chaos e.g  seeing other horses come and go, windy days, having a ball bounce around, tying the horse in many different areas for extended periods of time and at different times of the day.
  • Being led from another horse so they get used to people being above them, and they can learn a lot being ponied around the forest following through puddles, over bridges, having a good trot beside another horse and staying sensible!
  • Learn to stand  for extended periods learning patience
  • Lots and lots of groundwork on a 12’ or 22’ line and at liberty (loose) to balance the trust and respect between horse and handler developing a healthy partnership. Using obstacles like a pilates ball, barrels, tarps, tyres and poles etc to give the horse something to focus on. 
  • Lungeing/long lining from a headcollar in a round pen and arena, eventually long lining on forest where they will meet running dogs and children,, people on bicycles, loose cattle, pigs, donkeys and ponies.
  • All of the above exercises I have taught the foal with more refinement and softness to lay a sound foundation  in prep for  future ridden work.
  • Accept a bridle and saddle
  • Be water hosed
  • Learn to load
  • Farrier prep
  • Needle prep and be good with wormer syringes, fly sprays, leg bandages
  • Learn to be in a stable